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We offer great ideas for Birthday Parties for Kids in New Jersey. Check out our various ideas for the next birthday you have coming up. Not interested in what you see below, our party planner can create a special party suited just for your ideas. Arrangements can be made for special guests appearances. If you are interested in that, let us know when you reserve that special day. Get in touch with us for more information … Click here!Kids Empire Contact Us

Party Options

Toddler Fun!

Kids get creative in our amazing Messy Art Room by creating and painting their own masterpiece to take home with them. Then, we’ll move on to the dance floor where they will have a great time dancing and play games with their own private host. We promise to throw an awesome party!! Also, a hand print memory frame for the special birthday child. If you would like for all the kids to take home a hand print frame, please see party extras.

Glow in the Dark

Party guests will decorate and paint a project with fluorescent colors such as masks, sunglasses, hats, etc. Then, they will bring the piece of art onto the dance floor to glow and show off their decoration talent. With special dark lights for a glow in the dark effect, kids will dance, play and have a blast with plenty of other accessories provided by their party host. Wear white or neon colors to glow to the max!! This party option will keep them on their feet!

Pajama Party

This is one of our favorite party options and we promise to throw the best “slumber party” that all kids will remember and talk about for a long time. One of the biggest highlights of this party is all the fun and laughter with our signature blindfold musical chairs. Kids will be given funny looking blindfolds and dance to their favorite music. When the music stops, they will drop down blindfolded looking for a chair to sit on. This will have them and you laughing none stop. If interested in a party favor, please go to party extras

JoJo Siwa Pretty My Party

Pretty My Party is a must have party for that very special girl. We can already see all the girls dancing around in our glow in the dark room to Boomerang showing off the best of the best bow created! That is because we absolutely can not have a JoJo Siwa party without including a decorate a bow station where girls will have a great time bedazzling their bows in a fashion they see fit. What a great activity to move the party along and do not forget it is a party favor as well. Call today to book!

Under the Sea

Lets go fishing! Kids will compete with a magnetic fishing set…They will use sturdy plastic poles fitted with fun magnetic “hooks” to catch the colorful fish. All competing teams will get a prize when we move over to our Sand Art Corner. There, each guest will be provided with clear mold to fill with colorful sand and string on a chain to wear and take home. If you would like to make your guests extra happy, for an extra small fee have them pick from a variety of different sand art bottles we have on display. Please go to party extras for more information.


Kids will enjoy styling hair in our almost real So Chic Hair Salon created with mannequin heads with beautiful, long hair. At the same time, they will get their own hair braided or up with a headpiece to take home with them. Temporary tattoos are also available.

SLIME birthday party

One of the hottest party options yet! Tables will be set up with colorful plates corresponding to the number of kids. Materials and a variety of accents to make the best slime out there will be provided by Kids Empire party hosts. Kids will also receive personalized containers to conceal their slime and take home with them. We promise to throw an epic slime party which will make you the coolest parents around! We will also end the fun with some glow in the dark dancing and games.

Dress to impress dance party

Put your favorite party dress on or suit and come on down to the best dance party in town. We will provide all paid guests with accessories to add to the look. Line dancing, games and more led by a very happy host that will keep you up on your feet!!! Group photo will be framed and given to the guest of honor. Photos for guests are also available, please see party extras.

It's all about Dinosaurs

If you love Dinosaurs LOOK no further! We have so much to offer with this option to make your child the happiest guest of honor. Cave painting, Dinosaur egg and spoon race, and much more including glow in the dark dancing lead by our wonderful and caring staff. We promise to host an amazing birthday party for child.

Calling all superheroes!!!

Do you have what it takes to transform into a superhero? We’ll have you decorate your favorite superhero mask in our messy art room and put on your cape and let’s save the day together. This party option is sure to be a hit with many superheroes style games to enjoy. Add a twenty minute superhero character appearance that will leave your child in awe. See party extras


Calling all builders, choose this party option and let’s get creative. Kids will receive different colored blocks to create a masterpiece! This is a perfect way for kids to use their imagination and take home a masterpiece!

Firefighter Party

Get ready to pretend fight fires! Kids will go through special training to become their own special “Kids Empire Firefighter!” Each child will also receive a special Firefighter themed picture to paint and take home! Fire fighter hats are available as an add on.

Hawaiian Party

Get ready to Hula! All guests get their own glow in the dark lei and get to pretend to be in “Hawaii” for the day! Each child will also receive a special Hawaiian themed picture to paint and take home! End the party with glow in the dark Hawaiian dancing and fun. A visit from Moana is available as an add on.

Slime Party

It’s Slime time!! Leave the mess to us. All children have their own special spot to make their masterpiece. All supplies are included for each child to create their special slime. Personalized slime containers are also included for each guest to take home their cool creation. Personalized goody bags and glow sticks are available as an add on.

Unicorn and or Dragon Party

A magical birthday for the magical guest! All children get to pin the tail on the unicorn and see who has the best eye. Each child will also receive a special Unicorn or dragon themed picture to paint and take home! Free play time in all the fun stations Kids Empire has to offer. Unicorn/Dragon sand art bottles are available as an add on.

Adopt a Pet Party

Time to adopt and take home your own special stuffed friend. Each child will get to choose their own favorite puppy and get to work. Name your pet, craft a nametag for them and with the help of your own party host get the puppy adoption certificate! Now you’re all set, take your pet and watch it glow in our glow in the dark room and end the party with some fun and games.

Party Extras

  • Personalized hand print memory frame $3 each
  • Sand art bottles any size or shape $3 each
  • Deluxe Party goody bags customized to each party option $5 each
  • Glitter or regular tattoos for an extra $15 for all paid guests
  • Balloons for party guests $1.50 each
  • Candy Bar $75
  • Chocolate Fondue $75
  • Green screen photography with a choice of backgrounds for all paid guests $75
  • Popcorn or cotton candy pre-packed and ready $2 each
  • Favorite Character appearance _ 20 minutes $65
  • Adult food is available see our menu offerings
  • Entertainers such as magician, balloon artist or face painter upon request, please inquire.

Green Screen Superimposed Photography

Kids Empire in New Jersey: The Place for Kids Parties and Fun.

We provide memorable party photos as favors for you and all of your guests.  Kids are photographed in front of a Green Screen and superimposed into a wide assortment of digital backgrounds including magazine covers, scenic locations, nature shots, movie posters, travel destinations such as Disney, Niagara Falls, and more. Once the picture is processed and printed, you will have a spectacular photo like no other!!!

Special moments with much more than just a photo!

This is the perfect and must have photo! For more information, see party extras

Looking for something else?

Birthday Parties for Kids in New JerseyWe’re here to help, please call us with any questions or mix and match to customize your party. Looking for something more special and unique? Allow us to create a custom party based around your theme that will WOW your child and guests! Schedule an appointment to meet with a party planner who will take your theme and build a spectacular party with deluxe décor and add-ons. Our facility is a safe and clean environment where your child and friends will feel comfortable and have a great time! We like to offer the best Birthday Parties for Kids in New Jersey.

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